Would you like to become a member of Durban West Tourism? We’d love to have you on board with us. There are plenty of benefits to being a member, but most importantly, being a part of a huge directory makes you easy to find!

If you would like to become a member and have questions about membership, please feel free to send us an email, say hi, and we’ll get you on your way to being more accessible to tourists visiting Durbs!


Durban West Tourism has been around for many years and has created a reputation that’s trusted. Becoming a member of our tourist directory gives you the opportunity to be readily available to tourists in Durban. Membership also includes being showcased on our social media platforms and of course, our website!

Have an event coming up? We can give it the exposure of our audience and fellow members, to give your event the attention it truly deserves!

Display and Promotion of Marketing Material

Your brochures will be displayed and marketed from our Tourist Information Office or Point Of Display Areas.  We also run a Facebook page and an Instagram page where we will showcase your listing.


Your details will be entered into our database, which is e-mailed and faxed nationally & internationally during our marketing campaigns.  


You will be given preference when tourists walk-in or call our offices seeking information on accommodation, tours, transport, restaurants and activities. When operational our “book-a-bed: book-a-tour” will act on your behalf for a small commission.   


You would have the opportunity of linking your website with the DWCTA website at a small cost. Your basic details will be displayed on the KZN Tourism website as part of your membership benefits. 

Newsletters and Correspondence

You will be on our mailing list, which will give you updates on local &international tourism trends,”what’s-on” and new legislations wherever applicable. You may also submit Tourism related articles/photos etc for publication.

Affiliation/Membership Certificate

You will receive an official membership certificate from the DWCTO, which is required by TKZN to register with them as a Tourist Venue. This we would request be displayed at your front entrance point. 


You will be given opportunities to participate in advertising campaigns, promotional and marketing initiatives in the official DWCTO Tourism Guide and what.where.when.magazine published monthly. Members will also be given first choice on “Event, Hospitality & Accommodation” enquiries.


Undertake Eventing around Durban West’s Community in order to increase the levels of awareness with tourists and locals of what the area has to offer and to provide entertainment and increase tourism members 4 all Seasons.