Westville Eco Trail

beautiful outdoor walks

walking, running & mountain biking

a paradise in westville

Our WCC Eco Trails is a piece of paradise in the middle of Westville, in development since August 2015 for the community. Already a popular walking, trail running and Mountain Bike route, with something for all family members.

The pristine forest has a diverse selection of fauna and flora and the removal of alien vegetation has opened up the area for bird life. With partners such as Westville Conservancy and Durban Green Corridor we are able to continue the ongoing process of alien eradication, maintenance and development of the trails while focusing on conservation and the environment as well as empowerment for the community. The Trails have been utilised for fundraising events in association with Rotary, The Round Table, Durban West Tourism, T & C Athletics Club, Westville Community Policing Forum, Husky Rescue and other organisations. We look forward to hosting more events, please contact Lisa for any enquiries.

Our long term goal is to develop a self-sustaining Trail Section as part of The Westville Country Club. To  this end we are encouraging interested individuals to join the WCC Trail Section and help us to build an Eco Trail that will be an asset to Westville and its community. We also welcome any support in the form of expertise, sponsorship and education to assist in the conservation of the Eco Trails.

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