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Welcome to Swell Tours, your gateway to exploring the rich tapestry of Durban’s captivating landscapes, vibrant cultures, and historical legacies. Our carefully crafted tours promise to immerse you in unforgettable experiences, from thrilling safari day tours to in-depth multi-day journeys that capture the heart and soul of this remarkable region.

**Safari Day Tours**

Embark on a wildlife adventure like no other with our Big 5 Safari Tours. Traverse through pristine national parks and private game reserves, where the untamed beauty of the African wilderness comes to life. Encounter the “Big Five” and a myriad of other fascinating creatures as you are guided by our knowledgeable experts, who unveil the secrets of the savannah. Capture breathtaking moments with your camera and relish the thrill of witnessing nature’s wonders up close.

**Multi-Day Tours**

Delve deeper into the enchanting landscapes and diverse cultures of South Africa with our Multi-Day Tours. Whether you’re drawn to the idyllic beaches of the Indian Ocean coastline, the rugged majesty of the Drakensberg Mountains, or the arid beauty of the Karoo desert, our itineraries are thoughtfully designed to provide an immersive and enriching experience. Discover the heartwarming hospitality of local communities, savor authentic cuisine, and forge connections that will last a lifetime.

**Cultural Tours**

Uncover the soul-stirring heritage and traditions of South Africa through our Cultural Tours. Immerse yourself in the rhythms of Zulu dance, explore the history of the Anglo Zulu War, and engage with the vibrant art scene in Durban’s townships. Our expert guides will lead you on a journey that bridges the past and present, providing insights into the diverse tapestry of cultures that have shaped this nation.

Explore the beauty that is Lesotho and mSwatini with our epic and unique cultural tours. Ascend the famed Sani Pass and celebrate with local families and discover for yourself the diversity of KwaZulu Natal and South Africa.

**City Tours**

Embark on a voyage of discovery within the bustling urban centre of Durban with our City Tours. Explore the iconic Golden Mile along the beachfront, witness the vibrant mix of colonial and modern architecture, and indulge in the flavours of local markets. Unearth the city’s storied past as a melting pot of cultures and trade, and witness its transformation into a vibrant hub of art, cuisine, and history.

**Battlefield Tours**

Step back in time and relive the pivotal moments of history with our Battlefield Tours. South Africa is steeped in a rich history of conflicts and struggles, from the Zulu battles to the Anglo-Boer Wars. Visit the sites where these historic events unfolded, accompanied by expert guides who will provide deep insights into the battles, strategies, and the impact on the nation’s course.

At Swell Tours, we are committed to creating exceptional journeys that leave a lasting imprint on your heart and mind. Our team of passionate professionals ensures your comfort, safety, and enjoyment every step of the way. Join us for an adventure that will ignite your spirit of exploration and connect you with the soul of South Africa. Book your tour today and let the voyage begin!

**Good to Know**

– Group discounts available.
– We pick up and drop off at your accommodation in the Durban and surrounding areas.
– We have credit and debit card facilities and off online payment options.
– Private and family tours arranged.
– All guides are qualified inline with the South African Tourism Act and carry offical badges and ID cards.
– All our vehicles are legally registered as tour vehicles and we carry full insurance.
– Our goal is to provide you with the best possible experience of South Africa and her people

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