According to Wikipedia: Shisa Nyama is a term used in many South African townships to describe a barbecue or braai where people (friends or families) come together to grill meat in an open fire usually near a butchery. The site is usually provided by the butcher owner and only people who buy meat from the butcher are allowed to use the facility. Shisanyama is a Zulu phrase and, literally, means to “burn meat”

We think this is a rather boring description and I’m sure most owners and customers of local Shisanyama’s would agree. They are vibrant, fun and welcoming. People gather to eat delicious food and be entertained. In most places there will be a butchery onsite where you can choose your meat and the chef will braai to your specification.

Music is always playing and there is always a party ready to happen. Friday, Saturday and Sunday if you are at some of our local Shisanyama’s a DJ will be playing and sometimes a live band.

We are very lucky in the West to have award winning Shisanyama’s. This is the second year of Shisanyama awards which was won last year by Café Skyzer in Chesterville. This year the semifinalists include Café Skyzer Chesterville, Comfort Zone Jazz Lounge in Claremont along with Mashamplanez in Chesterville, Artizen Restaurant & Lounge KwaMashu and One and Only, KwaMashu.

Although they did not make the semifinals we also can recommend Mojo’s Car wash and Shisanyama and Zaba’s Shisanyama both in Claremont.

We think a visit to a local Shisanyama would be the perfect place for your year-end function, why not try something different!




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