Splish Splash Car Wash and Ninas Foods

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Booth Rd, Durban, 4001
The summer heat and humidity in Durban, South Africa can be at times agonizingly unbearable.  It was in that melancholy of experiences while waiting for his own vehicle to be washed that entrepreneur Mr. Sanjay Sewmungal drew inspiration to create a car wash concept which was set to revolutionise this industry.
In February 2007, Splish Splash Car Wash was formed together with a comfortable restaurant, Nina’s Foods in Cato Manor’s Booth Road. Once opened, over 600 weekly customers enjoyed the luxury of an air-conditioned restaurant to wait in while having their motor vehicle cleaned.
They were treated to spectacular local cuisines freshly prepared by an in-house chef.  While dining, customers could watch their cars from strategically positioned on- site cameras, catch up on the latest news and enjoy sporting matches on the many plasma screens on the walls of the restaurant.  An ATM facility as well as free wireless internet connection was introduced to customers.