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Fugly @  Woodcutter’s

July jubilee 2013 070What a fun filled afternoon of great music, food and wine. Sandy Lawrence accompanied by Sebastian Goldswain and Luke Why Wyngaard led us gently into the afternoon with some classic ballads. The atmosphere at that time was pretty civilised as we sipped graciously from our wine glasses. That set done – The Sir Walrus Band mounted the stage and treated us to some fabulous jazz. It is always exciting to hear young musicians create magic with their talent and creativity. Feet tapping groovy stuff. Seb never fails to impress me and this band is truly fabulous with their own unique style. I am hooked!
Then the grand finale (or so it seemed) had us off our seats and grooving to the rock that FUGLY belts out. If you want some good old fashioned rock and roll and hip swinging stuff – this is it. Guest artists on lead guitars were Luke Why Wyngaard, Sebastian Goldswain who joined Ross Tapson, Riki Rix together with guest drummer Ian Jeffreys. Imagine that? Four great lead guitarists on stage together. Sandy held it all together with her fine vocals as Clyde kept us in the beat. At this stage of the afternoon – these musicians held us enthralled and inhibitions were thrown to the wind as we “felt” the music.